Lord of the Rings: Heroclix vs Tradeable

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    I've never played either one of these, but I'd like to start. Both games seem to be the type where you adjust the numbers on the base when the guys take damage. Before I invest in either, let me know the merits and flaws of each. Which do you prefer?

    The Lord of the Rings: Combat Hex Tradeable Miniatures Game (2003) by Sabertooth Games. These minis have green hex bases, and move about on hex maps.

    HeroClix: The Lord of the Rings (2011) by WizKids. Round bases, square grid maps.
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    I am a HeroClix fan from the early days. The combat game was fast, tactical and playable, but more importantly, nobody cared if a mini fell off the table - which was a BIG change from my Warhammer games. I love my Mage Knight HeroClix for Savage Worlds and any other RPG where I am not using the 1 inch square maps.

    That said, I haven't played either of the LotR games. I did play the GW LotR minis game and it was okay.

    Here are reviews of both

    EDIT: Neither game got good reviews. Mostly meh. Thus, your best bet is go through the various reviews and decide which game sounds better-ish or just has the minis you like more.

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